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Our Philosophy

United Conscience
"Always, even from the what kind of situation we stands on the right way." We MUNGYO has managed business on the basis of Ethical Management from the early years. Not pursuing the interests of the moments, We MUNGYO has pushed ahead for the innovation of Korea stationary industries. We MUNGYO will do progress constantly with original intention, and we MUNGYO promise to make and provide the best products for our customers with United Conscience.

Constant Progress
Doing a business, to become complacent means not only to be selected out but also not to do its social responsibility. We MUNGYO has executed social responsibility to progress constantly for KOREA stationary industries' development.

The Best Quality Products.
'A journalist says with pen, a judge says with judgment and an enterprise says with its products' The basic social mission of enterprise is supplying the best quality goods to customers. Our philosophy that we supply the best goods will be forever.