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Dustless chalks - ADC


| Special feature

  image  Made of highly-refined calcium carbonate.

  image  Keep dust to minimum.
  image  Excellant writing and erasing on green board.
  image  Non-Toxic.
  image  Conforms to EN71 & ASTM D4236.
  image  Dust is rarely blown in the air because the heavy particles of calcium carbonate is fallen down.
  image  Special formulation prevents dust form sticking to fingers.
  image  It writes much longer.
  image  Colors available up to 12.

| Usage and attention

  image  Size : 10 Ø X 81±1mm

  image  Best choice for the school and office.

  image  Keep away from moisture and external shock.





ADC - 10

Cardboard box of 10 white

160 sets

ADC - 10A

Cardboard box of 10 assorted colors

160 sets

ADC - 10S

Cardboard box of 10 single colors

160 sets

ADC - 12

Cardboard box of 12 white

144 sets

ADC - 12A 

 Cardboard box of 12 assorted colors

144 sets 

 ADC - 12S

Cardboard box of 12 single colors  

 144 sets

 ADC - 100B

Cardboard box of 100 white(w/o inner boxes)  

16 sets 

 ADC - 100AB

Cardboard box of 100 assorted colors(10/10 colors w/o inner boxes)  

16 sets 

 ADC - 100SB

Cardboard box of 100 single colors(w/o inner boxes)  

 16 sets

 ADC - 10P

 Cardboard box of 10 white(peg type)

160 sets 

ADC - 10AP

Cardboard box of 10 assorted colors(peg type)  

160 sets 

 ADC - 10SP

Cardboard box of 10 single colors(peg type)  

160 sets 

 ADC - 12P

Cardboard box of 12 white(peg type)  

 144 sets

ADC - 12AP 

Cardboard box of 12 assorted colors(peg type)  

 144 sets

ADC - 12SP 

Cardboard box of 12 single color(peg type)  

 144 sets


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